Website Design

What we can do for you

 Let Flat Gecko Design show your business to the world
Flat Gecko Design Canberra, ACT  based Business can create a professional website Design from start to finish.  We can also update a pre-existing site with a new structure and vision whilst maintaining your brand.

Website Design should reflect your business brand, colors and image.
Flat Gecko Design can create a unique, custom website design to suit your requirements, leaving your web visitors with a professional impression of your business.
Website design should not be a daunting all-or-nothing ordeal. You can simplify your design development by taking some small steps.

Simple tasks like:

  • Putting the focus only on the essential elements of your website
  • Getting rid of the unnecessary
  • Reducing the number of pages your site has
  • Getting more content above the fold
  • limiting the number of colors you use

You can always fine-tune and improve your website design even after the site has been uploaded for viewing, but the important thing here is to let Flat Gecko Design get you started.
From the initial consultation, to the final reveal of your web site, the client is there every step of the way.  There is no limit to your imagination and I will be there to guide you through as it can be quite overwhelming with so many choices.  The design process for creating your web site is to implement your ideas and arrange them with the intent for users to access the content on electronic web pages.

Layout:This is important to maintain the user on your site. The graphics, ads and text should be arranged in a way that the viewer can locate the information they seek at a glance while maintaining the balance and integrity of your design.

Colour: Depending on your brand and logo, the colours you choose can be as simple as using two or using multiple. The use of colour should reflect the person or brand of an organisation.

Graphics:The inclusion of graphics to your web site can enhance your vision of the design process. Photos, logos, clipart and icons need to be placed appropriately for user friendliness and so they work in conjunction with your colour and content. Also, the amount of graphics used will determine how quickly your site can be loaded.

Fonts: When choosing fonts for you web site, keep in mind that most web browsers can only read a select number of fonts. Fonts can enhance the overall appearance to your web site and still maintain easy reading for the user.

Content: The written text on your page should enhance the graphics and message you are delivering to the public. Content should be useful to viewers, be of a suitable length, and use relevant key words to maintain the user on your site.